Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Song of Solomon Chapter 4 - According to Noir

My love, you are gorgeous, so very beautiful -- your eyes are as gentle and faithful as those of a dove as they peer out behind the flowing, shimmering veil of your hair covering your face. Wherever you go, you always command notice—all heads turn in awe and admiration!

Your hair tosses about as gracefully as a flock of goats in the distance streaming down a hillside in the sunshine. Your smile is generous and full -- expressive and strong and clean -- alluring and wonderful and it always warms my heart...

Your lips are jewel red, your mouth elegant and inviting, your veiled cheeks soft and radiant - giving off the most subtle glow of health and beauty.

Your neck; supple, slender, graceful - always adorned with gold, silver, and diamonds is a work of art in and of itself - finding no equal amongst other women or any thing created by the hand of man.

Your breasts are perfect; Ooooh how perfect they are! Moving seductively beneath your camisol like twin deer grazing amongst the first flowers of the Spring.

The sweet, fragrant curves of your body, mmmmm..... the soft, spiced contours of your flesh invite me, and I come. I stay until dawn breathes its light and night slips away.

Baby, you're beautiful from head to toe, my dear love; beautiful beyond compare. To me, you're absolutely flawless!

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Baydreamer said...

Sensual, yet pure and lovely. Love your interpretation of the scripture.