Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Psalm 23 - According to Noir

My God watches every thing I do and provides for me all that I need for today. The path my life has been set on is one of peace and serenity and comfort as long as I am obedient to His word. Let me give you the praise!!!

Even when I find myself in the midst of difficult times and I feel pressured and attacked on all sides, He's right there - walking with me! The strength of His love and the assusrance of His good guidance gives me focus and confidence. Who could ever defeat me now!

Those who antagonize me and speak negatively against me behind my back have reason to scoff as they see the many blessings He places in my life and wonder, "Why is he so uplifted when we know all of the troubles going on in his life?" Lord, you bless me beyond all of my expectation!

And I say in my heart, "Lord because you are merciful your unfailing love for me follows me and overcomes me and will be my refuge for as long as I live... and when my time here is up and you call me home, I'll sit in your grace for eternity"


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lovebug said...

what insight,what a relationship to know that your father will never, has never, failed you. That's unconditional love.