Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Proverbs 31 - According to Noir

My brotha, find yourself a good wife! Now, a good wife is very hard to find – almost as rare as finding a raw diamond while walking down the street. She would never even dream of wronging you and you can trust her with everything. She is so selfless, that your concerns are hers and she considers how everything she does effects you.

This woman has an eye for quality and lives to shop – doing so wisely and economically and brings home unique and precious surprises. She makes sure her family’s needs are met as well as organizing her day before heading out. She’s an enterprising woman, buying and selling real estate as a side venture and then re-investing the profits. She is not afraid of working to help support her household either; in fact she looks forward to it and is eager to get her work day started.

Her talents are many; she wears many different hats – seamstress; designing and selling the clothes that she makes, chef, interior decorator, hostess, mother, friend, lover – the home is her domain yet she can put herself together with style. Yes, she can also clean herself up for an outing with her husband. She's quick to assist anyone in need, reaches out to help the poor. She is a woman who knows her worth.

A man who finds such a woman as a wife, will never be disappointed! The way he describes his wife with the other brothas; her business savvy, ability to take care of the home, and the ways she takes care of herself, brings him accolades and great respect. Whenever she speaks you can count on knowing that she definitely has something worthwhile to say, and she always does so with eloquence.

Even their children respect, love, and bless her; echoing every word her husband says about her. In his heart he has even thought, "There are many women out there, good professional women, all capable of doing wonderful things, but this woman, she is one in a million – in a class all her own!"

They say, charm is deceptive and beauty soon fades but the woman who wins the heart of a Godly man is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-GOD. Brotha, give her everything she deserves! Complimenting her continuously is not a bad idea because you know she is well worth it. When you do finally find her, be prepared and do not let her get away!

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Baydreamer said...

Ahhh! The bane of every Christian woman's existence! We all aspire to be her, but know we'll never achieve her level of perfection. Lol. But we dream on....