Monday, August 19, 2013

Ya' Heard!!!

Ya' Heard!!!

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Why do I write? After undergoing a life altering period, I needed a way to express my hurt, anger, sadness, love, fear, and remorse. I found that journaling was a very effective way to express these thoughts. I discovered in time that there was some other influences in those writings that could possible inspire, encourage, or motivate others towards healing or expressing themselves. I have dabbled in the spoken word arena and I am working at becoming a more prolific artist within that venue.

Written expression can often times be more effective than a spoken word. Even though spoken words convey emotion and attitude through inflection, the written words and thoughts of a person goes a long way towards framing more imaginative processes of outlining thoughts and allows the reader the freedom to "paint pictures" that reflects themselves in a very personal way.

Although my writings were intended to reflect my own personal experiences and emotions, it's easy to see how the reader may wish to "plug in" to my written expressions their own personal insights. This to me  has to be the freest, most universal form of communication.

I am just an ordinary man, blessed by God in many areas of my life. 

You'll discover that I am a Christian, energetic, affectionate, and ambitious man. 

Talk to me and you'll realize that I am very humble but still confident in myself. I am very down to earth and very easy to talk to. 

I am an assertive yet reserved man with an intensity of affection that is highly effective in conveying my emotions.
I am a: 49 yr old man
located in: Chula Vista, California, United States
relationships: Divorced
faith: Christian / Protestant - Nondenominational
politics: Conservative
sign: Taurus
education: Associates degree, Bachelors degree. Graduated (late) from Univ. of Phoenix in 2000 with my BS/IT degree. I have an Associates in Computer Science from Southwestern.

favorite hot spots: Moonlight beach in the evening or Humphrey's By the Bay. Looking forward to taking that romantic Caribbean vacation with the woman of my dreams.
favorite things: Writing, roller-skating at the beach, golfing, listening to, or reciting poetry. I love playing chess, card games, board games, amusement parks (roller coasters), museums, arcades, or just sitting by the ocean under the moonlight.
last read:  "The Purpose Driven Life" - Rick Warren
sense of humor: Clever - Nothing’s better than a quick-witted comeback
sports and exercise: Golf, Roller Skating, Tennis, Ping Pong, Swimming, Hiking, Weights, Other types of exercise, Pool, Bowling, Basketball, and Softball

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