Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look Within

I stared in the mirror
as I started my day
with soap on my face
here's what I say
"Who is this man, gazing back at me?"
Does he find something there that I can not see?
Does know about my past
full of heartbreaks and pain
or my tears in the rain
or the many strange thoughts that run through my brain?
Does he know that my heart yearns for a love so unique
that when trying to describe it, no words can I speak.
So I question the man looking right back at me
Will today be the day God and I will agree
and I come face to face with the one just for me?
Or will tomorrow be the best day of my life
and I find what I seek - my best friend or a wife?
Once again in the mirror
That man looking at me
asked a curious question
and then I started to see
The thing I was seeking wasn't
out on the streets,
Hoping that somehow we'd eventually meet
No, that thing I desired was deep down inside
It wasn’t concealed or trying to hide
He was standing right there
With a smile on his face
I gave a smile back, though it seemed out of place
and looked at him again, just in case
So that I would remember
that the god-man in me
was sufficiently capable of
being all he could be
That was the man that I met on this day
Who looked deep within me
and showed me the way

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