Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who Are They Anyway?

Alright, so why is it that whenever a group of us are having a discussion somebody brings in the “They” crowd? “They” are always usually interjected into the conversation in a hushed voice, as if we don’t want “Them” to hear us talking about “Them”. We always listen to what “They” have to say about something and sometimes even make decisions based on “Their” opinion but why? What do “They” know that we don’t know? By the way, does anybody even know who “They” are anyway?

See, I believe that “They” are actually agents of “The Man”. “The Man” of course being the overseer of a totally anonymous, invisible, secret conglomerate of society’s so-called conspiracy entities known as “The Establishment” who have an agenda to continually suppress “The Little Guy”. On a more global level, President Bush stumbled upon a sect of “The Establishment” known as “The Axis of Evil” a small collective of the “Evil Empire” permeating the terrorist world. He even managed to associate Saddam Hussein as one of “Their” prime operatives. (You go Bush -daddy!!!)

While I do suppose that “They” are contributors to disrupting most of the world’s progress by recycling axioms usually preceded by the words, “Well, you know what they say…” The fact is that we don’t actually know if what they say is really what “They” said. How are we to know that they even know what “They’re” talking about. As one author puts it, “Everyone knows that boys are better than girls at math, that spicy foods upset the stomach while milk is soothing, and that lemmings drown themselves en masse. Likewise, we all believe that strange things happen during a full moon, that people become more conservative as they get older, and that stomach cramps will sink a swimmer who goes in the water too soon after eating”(You Know What They Say - The Truth About Popular Beliefs. New York: HarperCollins, 1990). The only trouble with all this is that who is going to prove whether it’s correct or not? Rarely, in fact, do we bother to question what "They" say let alone check to see if “They” are right or not.

In the writing of this blog, I discovered that “They” actually have a website named, what else - Read this with caution as I’m sure that “They” have a way of tracking your access back to your computer and planting a virus in your favorite solitaire game or erasing your critically important jpeg file of your dog’s first birthday party or something. Because, you know what “They” say - nothing is safe on the internet these days. Somebody’s always watching.

Who’s that!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute and quite entertaining....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I felt that one. There's always something in the back of my mind. That believes there is a secret society that sit plotting divide and conquer plans. I'm all about investigating instead of taking "Their" words for it.
I'm from an unlimited ominipresence, so whatever "they" are doing and whatever "they" are planning may affect me in some way, hey we do live on the earth plane, but we are spiritual beings first, and "they" can't touch that.

Good Piece/More than cute, more that entertaining/ its something to think about.